Roulette Systems – Single Numbers – Matrix System

Hi guys welcome to another video in this video we’re going to talk about a system. I quite like this one, and I use it sometimes online well, with the live wheels or at the real casino. It’S called matrix the matrix system or I like to call it also the roulette bingo, because it’s a as you I will show you there’s a little grid.

There that’s got numbers and once you get a certain pattern with that number, then you win so I’ll. Show you the little program here roulette matrix now. This comes from a website called roulette forum and I’ll show you that you can download that. But obviously, when you go to the actual casino, what I do I create a little grid I put in Excel and copy and paste the grids over and over in a small font. So then, you can obviously then circle the numbers and keep track of what’s been hit, but as I’m showing you online, this is this.

Is you can use this and what it does? Let’S see here, you can click the numbers and you can tell them that they’ve been spun. Now I think if you click a few times I change color, but for this purpose, all we need to do is click it one search, yellow, so it’s easily identified as that number that has been hit, so we can reset easily there I’ll show you where you Can download this if you want this, it’s a gambling’s forum, comm and here’s a link here, so just click on that. There’S a little zip file that you ones if and you can put that on your desktop doesn’t doesn’t take much space at all. There’S different ways you can play this: it’s got a few instructions here, there’s a link there and the links or so understand, er the video with the details.

There looks like we use it on Windows and the Mac, all those other things. I’Ve never heard of wine. Mono, okay, fair enough: okay, anyway, let’s go back and show you how this works. Now, what we’re doing is we’re creating a little square of numbers once that square is complete, then that means you have one so we’re doing a max of three numbers. I’Ve found three numbers work quite well, you’re, not waiting forever, but it does take a little while to get a win. But when you get a win it can be quite a good win.

Now I guess you can do four or more numbers, but then then they can get right up there. If you’re the numbers, the numbers you’re waiting for, haven’t spun for a while, so yeah the odds, they’re decrease, obviously because you’ve got more numbers but you’re betting. More so you’ve got to have a higher bankroll. Now a stoploss, that’s up to you, you can keep going and going and going obviously, with this one, so you’ve got us to set a stop loss. We start with start with one unit. So this is how it works, as the numbers are spun.

Obviously, you’re clicking the numbers and I’ll do a demo in a minute now, as soon as we’ve got one left as in three numbers, and we need a fourth to create the square. So, let’s just do some random numbers now here, as you can see here, to complete the square, we need to have a 6, so 6 is actually what we’re going to be betting. Now how these are arranged, I’m not sure, but I think they’re related to the wheel, and if you analyze that I guess you can work out where why those numbers are there. But yes, I’m uncreated this and I like it a fair bit and it is quite successful.

So in this case we’d bet on the six we start betting on the six now you’ve got to keep track of where you started now. This is a demo account, obviously, because it’s nice and quick to show you but 5,000. Okay is the starting starting amount. Now wonder if you can pin this, so it doesn’t keep disappearing. We can do always on top. I think that’ll stay.

There then excellent. Now we’re just looking at numbers we’re just spending on the numbers, not the outside bits. Okay, now, let’s just say another one hit, we’ve actually got two there. So we’d bet the 14 on the next bet, as well as the nine so put that there as well as there sometimes you’ll, get to it once that didn’t work, it’s staying up, but that’s fine, so you got it. You just choose a number. Okay, I usually choose a number where it’s spaced out to the others.

If you’ve got to up this side, then I’ll choose that number that’s up higher, just just to space it out of it, but there’s no real reason for that. So, in that case, we’ve got three numbers: six, nine and fourteen and away we go. We just keep betting, but you might have started betting already, because the six came out but again I’ll show you with an example. Now, when we increase you’ve got to keep track and think well, obviously, when we put one one on here, we win 35, so we can keep betting. Basically, I bet in the first bet: 10 10. Will it be 10 bets or just so?

We got three at once: it’ll be 10, which is 30 units, because I want to win a minimum of 5 to 6 to make a work worthwhile. Let’S do an example reset this clear. This see if that’s going to stay.

Unfortunately, not okay, that’s okay! Okay! Clicking down there all right, so let’s do a spin we’re keeping track of all the numbers. That’S a seven go to 10. Thirty-Six. After where I get that’s in rows, obviously you can see all the red together black together, so you can find it pretty quickly.

We’Ve got a seven again, so it repeats. So we just that’s already been spun, so we keep going what’s that 34, which is a red. Let’S find that that one next eleven.

I quite like this because it’s a you know a bit different and it’s not as boring as just sticking to the on one system. So I was at 14, so there we go. We haven’t got three that it’s going to create a square. Yet so we’ve got three: their threes are red.

So two, seven again we already have that one: we’ve got their 28 down there: okay, there’s our first one 31. So remember you got to remember where you’re, starting, where your bank robberies that’s 5031. So that’s our first bit to complete that square. We win. We didn’t win that one 16. 17.

We still bet on the 31, but now we’re adding the 17 okay see here now this is created. So there’s our three bits: we’ve got 25 and 30. So we’re going to bet on here and we’re going to bet on here now – we’ve just bet once so far so is lost one unit. So we’re going to go down, keep a tally was 5,000. So I went a bit.

I want to keep a profit of about five, so I’m going to go to 4700. Like sorry, 4970 is the lowest before I need to now add another unit, so you’ve got to keep track and think. Okay there’s another 30 that’s going to accrue. So that’s going to get faster and faster, so you’ve got to say: okay well, 4970, less another 30 and keep track okay.

So I’m not going to do the progression because it’s always going to be different, but you want to you want to win at least five or six to make it worthwhile. It can be a lot more obviously, but that’s the minimum you want a bit. So you want to win here, we go no in there.

We don’t have to keep this up anymore because we know the numbers and they’re all in the system. So that was a Miss. So remember, keeping tab is four nine seven. Seventy we want that’s before. We add another unit to or both when it’s just above that I will add another unit.

So we’re going to go one more because that’s a three, so you got to remember how much it’s going to take off your total okay. So now we’re going to add another unit to reach. Now I’m going to take another 30 off that so for 9:40, we’re going to go down to so you might want to write down that if you’re at the casino – I was very close here, we go. We won, we won 26 out of that one.

So we clear the bets – and that was quite good – the wind can range as you can see. Now. Let’S have a look.

Let’S do one more. We start again, we can start straightaway and you can start at any time. You’D have to wait for any numbers. Obviously, so let’s do this one for 26, you got. I gets in tune after a while to know where the numbers are 35.

20 to 30. 30. To 10 now remember: this is paid on a live wheel.

It’S not or online live, but don’t do it with a random number generator. What do we have there 20, which is there we creating a square yet no 11. I think we heard that we know 10. Their tens beam span 16. Here’S our first number so 24.

So again we’re going to remember now the New Balances of 5,000 26 so take off 30, so we’re going down to 4, 9, 9, 6, okay, so betting on the 424! Now we’re looking for another number. It is 30. We need to cross off that’s being crossed off already 15 8. Here we go. Here’S our second number creating this box here, 33 33 on there remember what our balance is.

We can still bet a few more before. We need to bet 2 units. 27 got nine, here’s our last number 33, so we’ve got 33 already.

Was there any more? That came up 12 was that last night, sorry, the 12, so betting, the 12! That’S our third number! Okay! That completes our bets so we’re still above 4, 9, 9, 6. So we keep betting one unit.

We don’t need to look at the grid anymore. Okay, it’s 9, 9. 6.

So one would be just less, but that’s okay, because we, I still will be in profit. Ok, two units, now those numbers. Now sorry, I should have looked before so it’s for $ 4.99, 5 minus 30, so go into 4 965. As you can see, the more units you put on the faster you’ll get to your target of what you’re minimum so for 965. So we’re going to bet three units now.

Obviously it’s just going to take 10 spins before you have to add another unit so down to 4. 9. 35. Sorry, not that many!

It’S a lot quicker than that, because we’ve got nine units so we’re just about four. Nine three eight, so I’d actually add another one now so another take off another thirty four 905, which is that twelve we’re still above just a little bit below, but that’s fine, because it’d still be profit. So for 902, another 30. Now the profits are going to accumulate now because we’re only betting where we’re going down to 30 and the profit would be five or six, but it’s accumulating so obviously, when we win we’re going to be win a bigger amount, so then two four eight seven to Five units: now there we go there, we go so it hit. So I did did go down, did go down over 100 units, so I would suggest with this you need at least to be honest, 500 as a minimum, probably more units to survive the redraws.

But I mean again: you set your limit. Probably going to eight eight to ten would be the limit, but you got to decide how far you go. Okay in your for your loss, your stop-loss, so I’m not sure what we were before, but 67 I’d. Actually I’d. Actually be taking one hundred hundred units as the win and be happy with that. So that’s a system.

I hope you like that one and let me know with a like or dislike, and let me know how you go with that one, but I’ve been only once when I was testing it. I redrew down down down down only once in. I don’t know how many, but the profit was obviously more so overall, it was quite good and what it does it’s its situation and what it does it’s positioned on the grid, so I think the numbers are close to each other on the wheel.

So it’s not so much the mat numbers outs linked it’s to the wheel. So that’s a good system and thanks for watching and we’ll be back with many more videos.