Pot Limit Badugi Strategy

Optimizing your PL Badugi strategy requires a thorough understanding of the Pot Limit betting structure. You need to be good at determining the size of the pot under all circumstances, and you need to be able to shoot out a pot-size bet within seconds if required. If you play online, the computer will do the calculus for you though, and it will set the maximum amount you can bet for you, so that should make it much easier. Make sure you do know the rules involved in the PL betting structure because otherwise not only will you not understand why you can bet as much as you can, you’ll fail to foresee the consequences of your actions too.

In theory, Pot Limit betting should be somewhere between NL and FL and it is. The only problem is, it’s not in the middle of the spectrum, rather it’s much closer to the NL structure.

In order to understand the PL structure, you need to be the master of both the NL and the FL variants. FL poker is a mathematical odds-based game, while NL poker is based on the implied odds. It‘s easy to see why that’s the case. Here’s an example to make you understand just where PL stands on the scale between FL and NL.

Suppose four players go to the third street of a FL poker game. With only one of them doing the betting and the other 3 guys calling all along, the pot odds on a 3rd street bet will be 5-1. This is not bad at all, though if a raise or two are dropped along the way, the pot odds can climb as high as 10-1and that’s nothing short of excellent. This is why it’s so tough to force a player to fold in FL.

Pot control becomes one of the most important strategy elements in PL Badugi. What you need to understand is that a very small early move on your part can have a humongous fallout later in the hand. Very small bets fired out early on can change the entire balance of the hand. If you check on one betting round, you’ll dramatically limit the amount of money your opponent can shove into the pot, and thus you can control his ability to influence the pot odds. If you decide to bet, you give up control and you give your opponent the means to deliver a much bigger bet.