Narcos™ Luis Guzman| NetEnt

When I got to Colombia, indiscreetly… I asked people about Gacha and what they thought about him… So those were the three, four different levels of insight… …that I got, also in addition to the producer’s writer of the show. There’s no comparison between Gacha and Luis Gusman… …cause Luis Gusman is a kind-hearted, warm human being Luis Gusman will not get caught up in that world Like I said Gacha was his own person…

He was this guy, his crew stumbled on to this pot of gold… Called cocaine …and they just took it and went with it One thing to keep in mind about this whole thing too is… That here in America, they had quite the thirst for cocaine so… It’s supply and demand. And they just kept feeding that demand.

So you know, it worked both ways, unfortunately. I think this guy was the most powerful. The richest.

The most materialistic type of dude. But also he was pretty ruthless, you know… Like I said I played other characters before, that had been pretty mean. But I don’t think they’re nowhere near the level of Gacha.

Some of the roles I played were not real roles in real life. But Gacha was a real character and when you mention that name in Colombia… Everybody knows who you talking about because he had a reputation… And it was not a good reputation… But to a certain degree there was some kind of respect towards that. You know, like I said, emotionally he was a pretty cold dude. You didn’t really wanna ask him questions.

Because it will be your last question. With Gacha, he’s not the kind of guy you really look in the eye… when you talk to him. As briefly as possible.

But he was very loyal to Pablo. And I think of any of the cartel guys, he was the one guy that could really… Tell Pablo what was on his mind or if he was fucking up or not. No, I mean because, people get into this stuff. And you always know what the outcome is from history.

I never known a drug dealer who have retired with a pension. Its like you get in and you keep going and going… I think what does them in basically is their greed.

Because, in my own real life as Luis Gusman I have known people who are dealers and… They met their demise and some of them did time. But I don’t think there was ever one that walked away.

And walked away with their pot of gold. Everybody always blows it. When I looked at the slot game and I saw that my character was being featured… I said man he looks good! And he’s holding that freaking cannon that we actually shot in Narcos. It becomes to be something sort of iconic really.

But that was Gacha. He was always up in the game of how he can take out the enemy. And the enemy was the Feds, DEA and the government and stuff like that… You know, when I shot the whole scene with the bazooka I was like he really did this?!

Yes! He was going to shoot down a presidential plane. But they got to him before he was able to get anywhere near doing that. Just being able to see that character and see my face… Is pretty cool, very cool! This is Luis Guzman from the hit series Narcos. Hope you’re enjoying NetEnt’s slot.