A look at some new WMS slots displayed at the Global Gaming Expo

It is the world’s largest trade show for the gaming industry. All the world’s largest slot manufactures are here also table game manufacturers they’re all here to present their wares to the casino executives, hoping that they’ll see all these new games and buy them for their casino. So join us as we go in and take a look at g2e, the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The WMS Gaming is one of the world’s largest slot machine manufactures and you’re, probably familiar with many of their games.

Today, we’re gon na look at some of their new games, they’re bringing onto the market, including including Lord of the Rings, The Godfather and an especially interesting version Monopoly. So let’s go see what’s new with WMS Gaming Phil, this version of wizard of Oz. There are a lot of versions of Wizard, of Oz on the floor, which version is this, which generation It’s the Great and Powerful Oz? It’S our fourth version of Wizard of Oz. This is a three real mechanical community game. It’S very different than the video games that are out there in the past.

This game is a community game where every player gets to play as their favorite character, be it scarecrow or Dorothy and randomly the wizard comes out and awards everyone on the bank, 7 free spins, and then it gives additional multipliers to give the entire bank wild reels Or just scarecrow, wilds really crazy, right, dynamic community game experience where players are winning together and playing as their favorite Wizard of Oz character. So this is the free spin bonus here, the second round, where sunny sent you on a mission to collect these money symbols on the on the bonus, so the player keeps going if they collect all 8. They go back to sunny sunny, gives them a new envelope.

Full of cash and sends them on a new mission to go, get additional free spins. There we got four out of the eight and one more spin to go. That’S good!

There’S a couple on there, So you’re gon na get paid for the line, win and you’re gon na get the 3 bags Got one more spin try to get one more, So we’re back in we’re good. So you challenge is complete. You go back to sunny And we’re gon na show you the options and they’re gon na mix them up like every good mobster. You’Ve got to get your envelope here there. I did it correctly, so I got the $ 30 pick there.

It’S multi denom, but mostly penny. When will this be on the market? This is just rolling out now it’s rolling out now So now I’m about to go on my third mission here and I get to go, collect accordions, It’s something similar.

Every time Lets see how I do here, Hey I’m on fire, So now we’re in round four, so we’re off to a really good bonus round at the canadian online casino real money.

Now, when you pick those it’s based purely on random, it’s not predetermined, It’s purely random right! We show you what it is we mix it up and whatever you pick is what you pick. It is not predetermined, So these are the bonuses that are unlocked, and this is the bonus that is, that is locked, So you can play as the Gandolf Fireworks the garden heist the prancing pony, because this player has been playing and they’ve unlocked all these different bonuses. On a quest to try to unlock the battle at the end, you can go on to playerslife.com our website play casual games for fun and that unlock content in the game itself. So you not only in the casino. Can you unlock miles actually do it from home playing a casual game for fun And when you play online at home, there’s no charge for that.

I assume There’s no charge! That is not a gambling website. It’S really a community for players to get together to talk about their favorite games, play casual games for fun and really kinda take the community to the next level of slot players. We have this win stream and it’s showing you all the Lord the Rings game. We have installed throughout North America and where people are winning, what trophies they’ve won, what casino they’re playing at, Because Lord the Rings has a set of trophies in the game as you’re playing the game. You get these trophies and when you unlock the trophies you get the ring, so it’s kinda bragging rights online to collect these virtual items online.

So this is live. This is really happening now where people are at so you got. Renokeno won Gandalf’s pipe at River City.

In Missouri Again this community online, we have forums online on players, life we have blogs by our designers, just posted last weekend, a tour of WMS, so you can click on the blog and see how we make the games. The tour of our facilities where we work again, we have the forms you can discuss the games. We also have a mobile version as well for the handheld versions. Wow. I didn’t realize that all this was out there Yeah.

This is we launched playerslife last year with Lord of the Rings and at this year’s G2E we’re showing twenty new games that are playerslife, enabled it’s really kinda, bringing the community out there and give slot players a place to go online. That’S a 5x wild on reel! One and a 5x wild on reel five. I hope they come into play now. You’Ve got a bit of trouble.

Now you got yourself a nice big win there, because you got your wild on reel five and the 3x wild to help you out there. So now you get one final spin with all your wilds active and you get one more pick for credit amounts. You could have retriggered, which sends you back to play the bonus again or you could’ve locked some power spins in there. So it’s a very dynamic bonus round.

Lord of the Rings. The first game had 8 additional bonus rounds. Two Towers adds an additional four, so you’ve got twelve different bonus rounds to pick from in this game as you play through. So this is no longer tied into the monopoly symbols on the machine.

The base games, underneath it are different, we’re showing Jewels of Africa and the Monkee’s theme Just to be different. So here the player’s big event is triggered and it’s the railroad bonus. So here every player in the banks is going to go to this railroad bonus feature Based on their bet. They get a multiplier, so those railroads are gon na go around and select properties. Mr Monoploy is gon na come out, surround some properties.

The players are gon na win those credits, Then, at the end of the bonus, every player’s, given an individual pick to try to match one of the properties to get an additional multiplier, so it really has a collaborative feature as well. Let’S see how it goes here. Did it pick one yet Whatever he surrounds? That’S what the players gon na win, he’s kind. A big tease in this game. He’S got a big area going here And he’s just gon na pick one or you can more than one Everyone in the bank’s going to win the the five the 200 and the five.

Now, every player in the bank’s gon na give an individual pick to try to match one of those properties. So if I find the blue I’m gon na get that 200 multiplier, I got the red I didn’t win, so I basically just get the 210 in this bonus. No one matched I’ll show you when the other bonus is here, The play the board bonus. This is really the big event game, so it’s a collaborative game. Everyone goes in again with the multiplier based on their bet, so we got six rows on the board. 1 player is gon na, be given the choice to roll the dice, so this player was given the option to throw the dice up and roll the dice for the entire bank, So they got a seven which will put him on chance Now.

This player here makes a selection, whatever he picks, 75 credits. Everyone in the bank gets that 75 If it would have been 200. Everyone would’ve got 200, So we call this collaborative gaming. So now the dice are down here. It switches from Player to Player. Everybody gets a turn roll the dice.

Everyone gets a turn to roll the dice. So now we’ve got the railroad again. So now we got a bonus from inside the bonus, so that goes back to the other bonus Yeah.

So inside the the play the board bonus. You get to basically get you know the individual bonuses, the spaces, so it’s kinda exciting for the player because they get to play multiple bonuses inside one bonus again in this bonus, Mr Monopoly surrounds property cards. Whatever property cards he surrounds, everyone in the bank gets those credits and then they get an individual pick to try to match one of the properties for a multiplier.

It’S a completely random path. Every round is different every time through the tunnel, so he surrounded the two red properties and the two blue properties. Everyone’S gon na get a pick you’re trying to match those properties to get an additional credit amount. Blue got a green down there and so no one matched again they get their credit, but now they go back to the board because they are still inside the board, so the players still get to roll the dice.

So now it’s my turn to roll the dice. Throw em up it’s a six, so there 25 times their multiplier and the dice move down. 12 doubles.

-Doubles, give us another roll, just like Monopoly Community Chest, so this player’s going to get a pick, so he won 200. So I like him a lot he’s my friend, So I get the two hundred as well. Everyone on the bank gets the 200 and since he rolled doubles, he gets to roll the dice again like monopoly Park, Place not bad. This game is interesting in that it really is community because everybody participates its community and its also collaborative You’re kinda playing together. If I pick the 200, you win the 200, So we came out with monopoly big event four years ago. This is kinda the follow-up kinda.

Really leveraging the technology doing new features like the collaborative gaming, Certainly everybody’s rooting for everybody else, because they’re on the same boat, They’re on the same boat on this one, I got one roll left, let’s get something good got 11. This game looks like a lot of fun. It’S fantastic. This game was a lot of fun to make and a lot of fun to play really recreates the monopoly and the whole collaborative aspect really changes the game.

Now, when will this land in casinos? It’S in the casinos now it’s just rolling out now!