Baseball Betting Tips

The best baseball teams lose at least sixty games a year and the worst teams win close to that same number. The rest of the league falls somewhere in between. Consider that the more favorites you bet, the higher the percentage of wins you’ll need to break even. For example, if your average bet is a –150 favorite you’ll need to hit 60% winners just to break even. At –170, that number increases to 63% and so on.

Now consider the opposite. If your average bet is a +120 underdog, your break-even percentage drops to approximately 45.5%. At +140, its down to just over 42% and the higher you go the lower the breakeven percentage. Keeping in mind that even the poorest baseball teams seldom win fewer than 37% of their games, it is apparent that looking for opportunities to bet on underdogs is essential to profitable baseball wagering.

set a limit for betting on favorites

While most successful baseball bettors look to play underdogs first, favorites can frequently present good value as well. Often times, one will find a top team playing on the road as a minor favorite or other situations will present themselves where small favorites are a good play. To bet baseball successfully, you should implement a strict limit on how much you’ll lay on a favorite, say -150 or lower. Once you establish your “cut off” for wagering favorites, never wager more than that, regardless of the circumstance or situation.

don’t place too much stock in starting pitchers

Too many sports handicappers place too much emphasis on the starting pitcher. It’s understandable, of course, since the bookmakers list the starting pitcher when setting the line for each game. If you pay any attention to baseball, however, you’ll know that the quality of starting pitching has reached a state of equality, if not mediocrity. Sure, there’s a small number of elite pitchers, but all others are a cut below these few. And since you’ll never get these guys anywhere near your favorite cut off point, don’t worry about them.

It’s an obvious fact that baseball is a game of streaks, and nowhere is this more evident than in pitching. If a starter is demonstrating particularly good or particularly bad recent form, it might not be compensated for in the line and there may be value in playing on (or against) the starter in question. Overall, however, starting pitching receives way too much emphasis when evaluating baseball from a wagering standpoint.

understand that baseball is a game of streaks

This is no secret, of course, but it is something to be aware of when betting on baseball. No matter what else you find relevant about a game, you should think twice about betting against a team that has won three or more games in a row or on a team that has lost three or more games in a row. This may sound superstitious, but it’s a valuable rule to follow. You’ll always be better off in the long run by not going against a winning or losing streak the majority of the time.

home field advantage just doesn’t matter

Of all major sports, there may be less advantage to playing at home in baseball than in any other. This is especially true during the long regular season. Granted there are teams that do better in certain ballparks than others, but this is more a function of the design of the ballpark and the personnel of the team than any home field advantage. Some parks are clearly “pitcher’s parks” or “hitter’s parks”, but it works both ways – the opposing pitchers and hitters often have the same advantage or disadvantage as the home team’s players. Furthermore, bad teams are frequently overvalued at home, which results in good value on the visitor. Over the course of season, most teams will probably do better at home than on the road but the higher prices you’ll have to pay will negate this fact. More often than not, “home field advantage” shouldn’t be a consideration in handicapping a game.

In baseball, each game’s odds are heavily influenced by the starting pitchers.

When betting on a game, you can choose to bet team against team in the match-up regardless of the starting pitcher or you can choose to specify one or both of the scheduled starting pitchers. Betting team against team in called “action” and that means your bet will stand regardless of who starts the game pitching. If you want to specify pitchers to start you would be betting “listed” pitchers. This means that if the scheduled pitcher to start the game does not start your bet is void. Because of the influence of pitching on a game many people will use this option. For example, Roger Clemens is scheduled to start against the Florida Marlins who have a terrible record hitting off him. You want to bet on the Yankees to win the game because you know Clemens will shut them down. You would then want to bet on the Yankees with Clemens as “listed”. That way if for some reason Clemens doesn’t start your bet would be void. On the other hand, if you think the Marlins are so bad that they can’t win regardless of who starts the game pitching, then you would want to bet on the Yankees and have the pitchers “action”. You bet then not be good even if there is a change of starting pitchers.

Baseball Betting Basics

Bet Online Baseball

When you bet on baseball online, start with the basic question: What determines the betting line? It helps to collect more information about the pitching. Baseball gambling outcomes depend nearly 80 % on pitching and 20 % on batting. Placing unnecessary emphasis on hitting can mislead you when you place your online baseball bet. Pitching analysis is a consistent and reliable guide to baseball sports betting.

Another aspect to baseball wagering online is to study the betting line. The makers of the betting line would have taken into account the starting pitchers. You would do well to analyze the situation before you place your bet.

Betting on baseball differs from football and basketball betting since the points scored here are lesser and this makes the point spread wager impractical. Starting pitchers are sometimes used to post the online betting odds. Baseball gambling online is conducted through online sports books. The sports book lists the teams along with their betting lines and odds. Online sports books adjust the baseball lines so as to balance between both teams. Betting enthusiasts can shop for the best baseball odds and study various betting lines before placing a bet online. Computer programs are used to predict and analyze betting odds and to weigh the various factors. Bettors have to study news services and daily publications to make an informed choice in baseball gambling online. It is up to an astute bettor to sieve through all the crucial factors and choose a winner.

Online Baseball Gambling

With the large amount of statistical data available on baseball, it is little wonder that online baseball gambling is such a popular hobby. The long tournament schedule also provides unparalleled online gambling opportunities. The money odds available online are used for online baseball gambling. Most bettors who are interested in placing an online baseball betting seem to be influenced by the starting pitchers. Baseball gambling on World Series Champions is possible throughout the season. An online sportsbook offers opportunities to place a baseball bet. The odds are displayed online and different types of bets are possible. Get your strategy in place before you place an online baseball wager.

MLB Betting Online

Baseball – The all-American pastime, centers on outscoring your opponents by having more base runners come across the final of four bases, called home plate. A typical baseball game lasts 9 innings unless there is a tie. Much of the baseball action focuses on the action between two players – the pitchers and the batter. This game that has its roots in the mid -19th century has truly become one of the favorite games in the U.S. Keep in mind the rules for MLB betting:

· MLB games are official after 5 innings of play or 4.5 innings if the home team is leading.
· If the MLB betting or wagering is on total runs MLB line, the game must go through the regulation 9 innings or 8.5 in case the home team is leading.
· When the MLB betting is done on ‘Listed Pitchers’, a change in pitching constitutes a ‘No Action’ wager and the MLB betting money is refunded.

If you are engaging in MLB betting for the series, the 3 games must be completed by the end of a specified date for the MLB bet to have action.


When you are placing a MLB bet on sides – and if you are betting the favorite, you are laying the odds. An MLB bet picks the odds when it is placed on the underdog. Described below are the popular MLB bet types:

Action Bet: This type of MLB bet is not dependent on the listed pitchers starting the game.
Both Pitchers: This type of MLB bet is considered action if both pitchers start the game.
Your Pitcher: This type of MLB bet is considered action only if your chosen pitcher starts the game.
Opponents Pitcher: Only when the other teams’ pitcher starts the game, such an MLB bet is considered an action wager.
MLB betting also has the Parlay factor limited to a specific payout. Typical MLB betting parlay odds:

3 teams – 6/1
4 teams – 12/1
5 Team = 24/1
6 Team = 44/1
7 Team = 65/1
8 Team = 100/1