A look at some new WMS slots displayed at the Global Gaming Expo

It is the world’s largest trade show for the gaming industry. All the world’s largest slot manufactures are here also table game manufacturers they’re all here to present their wares to the casino executives, hoping that they’ll see all these new games and buy them for their casino. So join us as we go in and take a look at g2e, the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. The WMS Gaming is one of the world’s largest slot machine manufactures and you’re, probably familiar with many of their games.

Today, we’re gon na look at some of their new games, they’re bringing onto the market, including including Lord of the Rings, The Godfather and an especially interesting version Monopoly. So let’s go see what’s new with WMS Gaming Phil, this version of wizard of Oz. There are a lot of versions of Wizard, of Oz on the floor, which version is this, which generation It’s the Great and Powerful Oz? It’S our fourth version of Wizard of Oz. This is a three real mechanical community game. It’S very different than the video games that are out there in the past.

This game is a community game where every player gets to play as their favorite character, be it scarecrow or Dorothy and randomly the wizard comes out and awards everyone on the bank, 7 free spins, and then it gives additional multipliers to give the entire bank wild reels Or just scarecrow, wilds really crazy, right, dynamic community game experience where players are winning together and playing as their favorite Wizard of Oz character. So this is the free spin bonus here, the second round, where sunny sent you on a mission to collect these money symbols on the on the bonus, so the player keeps going if they collect all 8. They go back to sunny sunny, gives them a new envelope.

Full of cash and sends them on a new mission to go, get additional free spins. There we got four out of the eight and one more spin to go. That’S good!

There’S a couple on there, So you’re gon na get paid for the line, win and you’re gon na get the 3 bags Got one more spin try to get one more, So we’re back in we’re good. So you challenge is complete. You go back to sunny And we’re gon na show you the options and they’re gon na mix them up like every good mobster. You’Ve got to get your envelope here there. I did it correctly, so I got the $ 30 pick there.

It’S multi denom, but mostly penny. When will this be on the market? This is just rolling out now it’s rolling out now So now I’m about to go on my third mission here and I get to go, collect accordions, It’s something similar.

Every time Lets see how I do here, Hey I’m on fire, So now we’re in round four, so we’re off to a really good bonus round at the canadian online casino real money.

Now, when you pick those it’s based purely on random, it’s not predetermined, It’s purely random right! We show you what it is we mix it up and whatever you pick is what you pick. It is not predetermined, So these are the bonuses that are unlocked, and this is the bonus that is, that is locked, So you can play as the Gandolf Fireworks the garden heist the prancing pony, because this player has been playing and they’ve unlocked all these different bonuses. On a quest to try to unlock the battle at the end, you can go on to playerslife.com our website play casual games for fun and that unlock content in the game itself. So you not only in the casino. Can you unlock miles actually do it from home playing a casual game for fun And when you play online at home, there’s no charge for that.

I assume There’s no charge! That is not a gambling website. It’S really a community for players to get together to talk about their favorite games, play casual games for fun and really kinda take the community to the next level of slot players. We have this win stream and it’s showing you all the Lord the Rings game. We have installed throughout North America and where people are winning, what trophies they’ve won, what casino they’re playing at, Because Lord the Rings has a set of trophies in the game as you’re playing the game. You get these trophies and when you unlock the trophies you get the ring, so it’s kinda bragging rights online to collect these virtual items online.

So this is live. This is really happening now where people are at so you got. Renokeno won Gandalf’s pipe at River City.

In Missouri Again this community online, we have forums online on players, life we have blogs by our designers, just posted last weekend, a tour of WMS, so you can click on the blog and see how we make the games. The tour of our facilities where we work again, we have the forms you can discuss the games. We also have a mobile version as well for the handheld versions. Wow. I didn’t realize that all this was out there Yeah.

This is we launched playerslife last year with Lord of the Rings and at this year’s G2E we’re showing twenty new games that are playerslife, enabled it’s really kinda, bringing the community out there and give slot players a place to go online. That’S a 5x wild on reel! One and a 5x wild on reel five. I hope they come into play now. You’Ve got a bit of trouble.

Now you got yourself a nice big win there, because you got your wild on reel five and the 3x wild to help you out there. So now you get one final spin with all your wilds active and you get one more pick for credit amounts. You could have retriggered, which sends you back to play the bonus again or you could’ve locked some power spins in there. So it’s a very dynamic bonus round.

Lord of the Rings. The first game had 8 additional bonus rounds. Two Towers adds an additional four, so you’ve got twelve different bonus rounds to pick from in this game as you play through. So this is no longer tied into the monopoly symbols on the machine.

The base games, underneath it are different, we’re showing Jewels of Africa and the Monkee’s theme Just to be different. So here the player’s big event is triggered and it’s the railroad bonus. So here every player in the banks is going to go to this railroad bonus feature Based on their bet. They get a multiplier, so those railroads are gon na go around and select properties. Mr Monoploy is gon na come out, surround some properties.

The players are gon na win those credits, Then, at the end of the bonus, every player’s, given an individual pick to try to match one of the properties to get an additional multiplier, so it really has a collaborative feature as well. Let’S see how it goes here. Did it pick one yet Whatever he surrounds? That’S what the players gon na win, he’s kind. A big tease in this game. He’S got a big area going here And he’s just gon na pick one or you can more than one Everyone in the bank’s going to win the the five the 200 and the five.

Now, every player in the bank’s gon na give an individual pick to try to match one of those properties. So if I find the blue I’m gon na get that 200 multiplier, I got the red I didn’t win, so I basically just get the 210 in this bonus. No one matched I’ll show you when the other bonus is here, The play the board bonus. This is really the big event game, so it’s a collaborative game. Everyone goes in again with the multiplier based on their bet, so we got six rows on the board. 1 player is gon na, be given the choice to roll the dice, so this player was given the option to throw the dice up and roll the dice for the entire bank, So they got a seven which will put him on chance Now.

This player here makes a selection, whatever he picks, 75 credits. Everyone in the bank gets that 75 If it would have been 200. Everyone would’ve got 200, So we call this collaborative gaming. So now the dice are down here. It switches from Player to Player. Everybody gets a turn roll the dice.

Everyone gets a turn to roll the dice. So now we’ve got the railroad again. So now we got a bonus from inside the bonus, so that goes back to the other bonus Yeah.

So inside the the play the board bonus. You get to basically get you know the individual bonuses, the spaces, so it’s kinda exciting for the player because they get to play multiple bonuses inside one bonus again in this bonus, Mr Monopoly surrounds property cards. Whatever property cards he surrounds, everyone in the bank gets those credits and then they get an individual pick to try to match one of the properties for a multiplier.

It’S a completely random path. Every round is different every time through the tunnel, so he surrounded the two red properties and the two blue properties. Everyone’S gon na get a pick you’re trying to match those properties to get an additional credit amount. Blue got a green down there and so no one matched again they get their credit, but now they go back to the board because they are still inside the board, so the players still get to roll the dice.

So now it’s my turn to roll the dice. Throw em up it’s a six, so there 25 times their multiplier and the dice move down. 12 doubles.

-Doubles, give us another roll, just like Monopoly Community Chest, so this player’s going to get a pick, so he won 200. So I like him a lot he’s my friend, So I get the two hundred as well. Everyone on the bank gets the 200 and since he rolled doubles, he gets to roll the dice again like monopoly Park, Place not bad. This game is interesting in that it really is community because everybody participates its community and its also collaborative You’re kinda playing together. If I pick the 200, you win the 200, So we came out with monopoly big event four years ago. This is kinda the follow-up kinda.

Really leveraging the technology doing new features like the collaborative gaming, Certainly everybody’s rooting for everybody else, because they’re on the same boat, They’re on the same boat on this one, I got one roll left, let’s get something good got 11. This game looks like a lot of fun. It’S fantastic. This game was a lot of fun to make and a lot of fun to play really recreates the monopoly and the whole collaborative aspect really changes the game.

Now, when will this land in casinos? It’S in the casinos now it’s just rolling out now!

Top 5 Sickest Poker Coolers

Coolers. Hands you can’t get away from. Clashes that can’t be avoided. Kind of lucky, obviously. Collisions you have to watch. Is this a standard deck or just one with all the letters of the alphabet?

Straight from the freezer, here’s our top five crazy coolers. A landing hand that results in Tony G being silenced has to be included. At 5, Vanessa Russo has the honor of dealing the icy blow.

If you win the hand, you’ll keep me quiet. [LAUGHTER] Don’t believe you. That bluff I’ll call. That bluff I’ll call.

Tony just added unspeakable equity to this pot. Vanessa calls. Tony bombed the flop, which may make Vanessa think he’s on a draw.

An ace on the turn. Russo has top set. Hello, nasty. As Tony G would say, ace from space and Vanessa has gone from zero to hero.

Tony G does have a flush draw. 10,000. And bets 10,000. You could shut me right up.

How? Well by taking– being– being all in and winning the pot! Punch in the face.

I just push a button? That ace dramatically improves Vanessa’s hand, but if she put Tony on spades, he just got there. She just calls.

On spade watch. I check. Tony checks in the dark.

The river. A sick card, the 5 of hearts. Now you’ve got to show some– some guts.

You gonna bet this or are you going to make a really weak check now on the end? Go on, Vanessa, you can do it. For Vanessa, best card ever, full house over full house. All in. Call. Aces full.

Wow. Very nice. That’s the best.

Very nice. That’s good. I’ve got a full house too on the end.

Wow. And I have a flush draw. See, that’s shutting me up.

Well done, Vanessa. Vanessa doubles through. Kind of lucky, obviously.

Not really. I mean, it’s– Well we took turns getting lucky. I got lucky to get the aces, you got lucky on the flop, I got lucky on the turn.

I haven’t won one hand when I’ve like– I’ve been good so. That silence won’t last long. At 4 is a cooler from somewhere warmer– the Bahamas. At the final table of the 2009 PCA, Alex Gomes thought he was trapping Benny Spindler by slow playing aces. 850,000 out there. Once again, Gomes with aces.

Oh my goodness! Quads on the flop don’t ever run bad. Strange. The last time Gomes had aces was against Kevin Saul and three 6’s came on board, he won a big pot.

This time, three-of-a-kind’s going to come on board and he’s destined to lose a lot of chips right here. In nine-handed action, Gomes traps Kevin Saul with 6’s full of aces for a huge pot. Now he’s got jacks full of aces, but this time, it’s not the best hand. Well, no, he’s really just completely dead here.

And now the question is how is Spindler going to play it? Cut that for me, I want to make sure. 1.3– He’s raising it!

He’s wasting no time! You know, this is an interesting play here from Spindler. He’s got four-of-a-kind and, you know, popular wisdom would say you should just call it slow play it.

But what he’s hoping for here is that his raise looks like a bluff and that Gomes does have a hand like aces, kings, or something along those lines and is going to play for it all. I call. Well he’s just going to call. Now, you know, the funny thing about this is Gomes actually thinks he’s trapping him.

Right. He’s thinks he’s slow playing his hand. He’s doing– he’s trying to trap him as he thought he– as he did against Kevin Saul earlier in the tournament. Now Benny Spindler asking for a chip count.

1,350,000 apiece. Let’s see the turn card. Benny can’t really care how much Gomes has, right? It’s just trying to like show weakness if you will, it’s a little bit of a sort of Hollywood move. Gomes is checking.

And that’s poker on a higher level, isn’t it? Yeah, absolutely. Now Gomes is really checking in the hopes that Spindler, you know, is going to bluff at it. As we know, he’s not bluffing, he’s got four of a kind.

And Spindler is really taking an aggressive approach to this hand to try to get as many chips in as possible. A big bet once again of 2 million. Pot up to 5 and 1/2 million now. Well this is the opportunity now for either Gomes to be an absolute genius and make the most remarkable lay down we may have ever seen. Don’t bet on that. Or he might just decide, all right.

Now’s the time, let’s get all those chips in the middle. I’m all in. Oh, and he does! He’s moving it all in!

I call. Call! He’s calling! He’s got four-of-a-kind!

Gomes is– ack! Completely dead. River card is totally irrelevant. Spindler wins a monster pot, eliminating Gomes.

He’s up over $16 million in chips now. Stunned! Look at the crowd, they can’t believe it. Pocket aces going down in flames. –one jacks. Alex is drawing– The river now just a formality.

Spindler now is going to have a stranglehold on this tournament. You get the feeling it’s going to take Alex Gomes quite a while to shake this one off despite taking home $750,000. Pocket aces forehanded, I mean– you’re suppose to win that pot! Aces cracked in epic style. Well the PCA has seen its fair share of big hands over the years.

And in 2016, Phillip McAllister weathered the biggest hand of all. So Tedeshi’s all in with a set of queens, but there’s still a monster draw action on the side. The river card.

Ace. Ace of hearts, a royal flush for McAllister! No way. 300. Rabah is betting. It doesn’t matter what his cards are, he can’t win.

All in. With his royal flush, McAllister shoves on Rabah. I know you are sick, but I don’t know if you’re that sick. He’s not that sick. Flip a coin. Actually, it’s probably best.

Oh, look at this baller! Rabah let’s it go. Full or the flush? Oh.

No, king-10-clubs, yeah? Royalized. Painful way to bust, but at least they weren’t heads up for the EPT12 Grand Final title.

Cue Jan Bendick versus Adrian Allen at number 2. All the chips are going in so quickly, it’s hard to keep track. It started at 525, Bendick made at 1.65 million.

Oh man. Allen flops a set. Ay-yah. Maybe the ace will save Bendick from getting stacked.

I mean, they’ve been playing tight enough that I guess, even more so than usual, you might give credit to an ace, but, I mean, this is horrible. You know, I wonder if Bendick slows down now. Allen called pretty quickly. 1.6 million apiece, 6.6 million– Oh boy. A 10 on the turn! Well we said it might take a cooler to end this.

This is ballgame. So Bendick checks the turn. Cheeky. Allen bets 1.5 million, a small bet into a huge pot. I would like to point out, by the way, that Adrian Allen is not drawing dead.

2% is 2%. A 1-outer still has a chance. A raise to 4.25 million from Bendick. Wow. Feeling quite nervous.

Just a call. Well, they’re saving it for the river. Complete brick on the river.

All in. Bendick shoves. Allen calls and it’s all over! Jan Bendick has won the EPT12 Grand Final! Man, he’s been around forever. Good for him.

Yes! The EPT9 Player of the Year. Three-time main event finalist. And on his third occasion, he is a winner! From one Monaco champ to another and our number one crazy cooler– at the Season 11 EPT Grand Final, Adrian Mateos found himself involved in a three way– and not the fun kind.

Well we’re heading over to the secondary table where we are on cooler alert. Oh boy. Ivanov opened with 5’s. Pastor, three bet with aces.

Decision now on Mateos who’s got queens. That’s not going to be good for business. He forebets. El Asmar, our qualifier has jacks! Wow! He folds!

Christopher Frank, All in. Shoves with kings! Ah come on, is this a standard deck or just one with all the letters of the alphabet?

I didn’t look before. Seriously? Boy, are you going to be happy and then immediately disappointed. Ivanov has folded, it’s own back on Pastor. Yeah, check this out, Johnny Lodden.

He reshoves! What does Mateos do now? That. Feels bad, man, but I don’t think if can fold. What a ridiculous hand. Having aces here and have them hold, that’s how you become a grand final champion.

How many is that? 500,000. So sick. Sicker than Lucille Astaire on a graviton. Ah, I don’t know. He knows he’s losing in at least one spot, but his odds are also pretty sick.

I think I have to call. Mateos calls! With aces? Ohh. I swear– I swear, I’d 4 jacks. I swear.

Cool story, bro. Aces versus kings versus queens! Well, none of the three ones, eh? Six swept for everyone, so deep in the tournament. Even aces aren’t totally safe. Juan Martin Pastor set to triple up.

Christopher Frank likely to be eliminated. The flop. 10-4-duece. The turn card.

It’s a queen! Aww. I am so, so sorry. Buenos dias, Adrian. And now there’s a 90% chance we lose two players. Mateos goes from worst to first and it’s a double KO!

Frank out. Pastor out. That really sucks. That’s never happened. I swear I’d full of jacks.

Not now, Hadi. Did any one think aces were going to hold there? Wow. So those are the most talked about crazy coolers. Keep watching for more countdown’s on pokerstars.tv.

Roulette Systems – Single Numbers – Matrix System

Hi guys welcome to another video in this video we’re going to talk about a system. I quite like this one, and I use it sometimes online well, with the live wheels or at the real casino. It’S called matrix the matrix system or I like to call it also the roulette bingo, because it’s a as you I will show you there’s a little grid.

There that’s got numbers and once you get a certain pattern with that number, then you win so I’ll. Show you the little program here roulette matrix now. This comes from a website called roulette forum and I’ll show you that you can download that. But obviously, when you go to the actual casino, what I do I create a little grid I put in Excel and copy and paste the grids over and over in a small font. So then, you can obviously then circle the numbers and keep track of what’s been hit, but as I’m showing you online, this is this.

Is you can use this and what it does? Let’S see here, you can click the numbers and you can tell them that they’ve been spun. Now I think if you click a few times I change color, but for this purpose, all we need to do is click it one search, yellow, so it’s easily identified as that number that has been hit, so we can reset easily there I’ll show you where you Can download this if you want this, it’s a gambling’s forum, comm and here’s a link here, so just click on that. There’S a little zip file that you ones if and you can put that on your desktop doesn’t doesn’t take much space at all. There’S different ways you can play this: it’s got a few instructions here, there’s a link there and the links or so understand, er the video with the details.

There looks like we use it on Windows and the Mac, all those other things. I’Ve never heard of wine. Mono, okay, fair enough: okay, anyway, let’s go back and show you how this works. Now, what we’re doing is we’re creating a little square of numbers once that square is complete, then that means you have one so we’re doing a max of three numbers. I’Ve found three numbers work quite well, you’re, not waiting forever, but it does take a little while to get a win. But when you get a win it can be quite a good win.

Now I guess you can do four or more numbers, but then then they can get right up there. If you’re the numbers, the numbers you’re waiting for, haven’t spun for a while, so yeah the odds, they’re decrease, obviously because you’ve got more numbers but you’re betting. More so you’ve got to have a higher bankroll. Now a stoploss, that’s up to you, you can keep going and going and going obviously, with this one, so you’ve got us to set a stop loss. We start with start with one unit. So this is how it works, as the numbers are spun.

Obviously, you’re clicking the numbers and I’ll do a demo in a minute now, as soon as we’ve got one left as in three numbers, and we need a fourth to create the square. So, let’s just do some random numbers now here, as you can see here, to complete the square, we need to have a 6, so 6 is actually what we’re going to be betting. Now how these are arranged, I’m not sure, but I think they’re related to the wheel, and if you analyze that I guess you can work out where why those numbers are there. But yes, I’m uncreated this and I like it a fair bit and it is quite successful.

So in this case we’d bet on the six we start betting on the six now you’ve got to keep track of where you started now. This is a demo account, obviously, because it’s nice and quick to show you but 5,000. Okay is the starting starting amount. Now wonder if you can pin this, so it doesn’t keep disappearing. We can do always on top. I think that’ll stay.

There then excellent. Now we’re just looking at numbers we’re just spending on the numbers, not the outside bits. Okay, now, let’s just say another one hit, we’ve actually got two there. So we’d bet the 14 on the next bet, as well as the nine so put that there as well as there sometimes you’ll, get to it once that didn’t work, it’s staying up, but that’s fine, so you got it. You just choose a number. Okay, I usually choose a number where it’s spaced out to the others.

If you’ve got to up this side, then I’ll choose that number that’s up higher, just just to space it out of it, but there’s no real reason for that. So, in that case, we’ve got three numbers: six, nine and fourteen and away we go. We just keep betting, but you might have started betting already, because the six came out but again I’ll show you with an example. Now, when we increase you’ve got to keep track and think well, obviously, when we put one one on here, we win 35, so we can keep betting. Basically, I bet in the first bet: 10 10. Will it be 10 bets or just so?

We got three at once: it’ll be 10, which is 30 units, because I want to win a minimum of 5 to 6 to make a work worthwhile. Let’S do an example reset this clear. This see if that’s going to stay.

Unfortunately, not okay, that’s okay! Okay! Clicking down there all right, so let’s do a spin we’re keeping track of all the numbers. That’S a seven go to 10. Thirty-Six. After where I get that’s in rows, obviously you can see all the red together black together, so you can find it pretty quickly.

We’Ve got a seven again, so it repeats. So we just that’s already been spun, so we keep going what’s that 34, which is a red. Let’S find that that one next eleven.

I quite like this because it’s a you know a bit different and it’s not as boring as just sticking to the on one system. So I was at 14, so there we go. We haven’t got three that it’s going to create a square. Yet so we’ve got three: their threes are red.

So two, seven again we already have that one: we’ve got their 28 down there: okay, there’s our first one 31. So remember you got to remember where you’re, starting, where your bank robberies that’s 5031. So that’s our first bit to complete that square. We win. We didn’t win that one 16. 17.

We still bet on the 31, but now we’re adding the 17 okay see here now this is created. So there’s our three bits: we’ve got 25 and 30. So we’re going to bet on here and we’re going to bet on here now – we’ve just bet once so far so is lost one unit. So we’re going to go down, keep a tally was 5,000. So I went a bit.

I want to keep a profit of about five, so I’m going to go to 4700. Like sorry, 4970 is the lowest before I need to now add another unit, so you’ve got to keep track and think. Okay there’s another 30 that’s going to accrue. So that’s going to get faster and faster, so you’ve got to say: okay well, 4970, less another 30 and keep track okay.

So I’m not going to do the progression because it’s always going to be different, but you want to you want to win at least five or six to make it worthwhile. It can be a lot more obviously, but that’s the minimum you want a bit. So you want to win here, we go no in there.

We don’t have to keep this up anymore because we know the numbers and they’re all in the system. So that was a Miss. So remember, keeping tab is four nine seven. Seventy we want that’s before. We add another unit to or both when it’s just above that I will add another unit.

So we’re going to go one more because that’s a three, so you got to remember how much it’s going to take off your total okay. So now we’re going to add another unit to reach. Now I’m going to take another 30 off that so for 9:40, we’re going to go down to so you might want to write down that if you’re at the casino – I was very close here, we go. We won, we won 26 out of that one.

So we clear the bets – and that was quite good – the wind can range as you can see. Now. Let’S have a look.

Let’S do one more. We start again, we can start straightaway and you can start at any time. You’D have to wait for any numbers. Obviously, so let’s do this one for 26, you got. I gets in tune after a while to know where the numbers are 35.

20 to 30. 30. To 10 now remember: this is paid on a live wheel.

It’S not or online live, but don’t do it with a random number generator. What do we have there 20, which is there we creating a square yet no 11. I think we heard that we know 10. Their tens beam span 16. Here’S our first number so 24.

So again we’re going to remember now the New Balances of 5,000 26 so take off 30, so we’re going down to 4, 9, 9, 6, okay, so betting on the 424! Now we’re looking for another number. It is 30. We need to cross off that’s being crossed off already 15 8. Here we go. Here’S our second number creating this box here, 33 33 on there remember what our balance is.

We can still bet a few more before. We need to bet 2 units. 27 got nine, here’s our last number 33, so we’ve got 33 already.

Was there any more? That came up 12 was that last night, sorry, the 12, so betting, the 12! That’S our third number! Okay! That completes our bets so we’re still above 4, 9, 9, 6. So we keep betting one unit.

We don’t need to look at the grid anymore. Okay, it’s 9, 9. 6.

So one would be just less, but that’s okay, because we, I still will be in profit. Ok, two units, now those numbers. Now sorry, I should have looked before so it’s for $ 4.99, 5 minus 30, so go into 4 965. As you can see, the more units you put on the faster you’ll get to your target of what you’re minimum so for 965. So we’re going to bet three units now.

Obviously it’s just going to take 10 spins before you have to add another unit so down to 4. 9. 35. Sorry, not that many!

It’S a lot quicker than that, because we’ve got nine units so we’re just about four. Nine three eight, so I’d actually add another one now so another take off another thirty four 905, which is that twelve we’re still above just a little bit below, but that’s fine, because it’d still be profit. So for 902, another 30. Now the profits are going to accumulate now because we’re only betting where we’re going down to 30 and the profit would be five or six, but it’s accumulating so obviously, when we win we’re going to be win a bigger amount, so then two four eight seven to Five units: now there we go there, we go so it hit. So I did did go down, did go down over 100 units, so I would suggest with this you need at least to be honest, 500 as a minimum, probably more units to survive the redraws.

But I mean again: you set your limit. Probably going to eight eight to ten would be the limit, but you got to decide how far you go. Okay in your for your loss, your stop-loss, so I’m not sure what we were before, but 67 I’d. Actually I’d. Actually be taking one hundred hundred units as the win and be happy with that. So that’s a system.

I hope you like that one and let me know with a like or dislike, and let me know how you go with that one, but I’ve been only once when I was testing it. I redrew down down down down only once in. I don’t know how many, but the profit was obviously more so overall, it was quite good and what it does it’s its situation and what it does it’s positioned on the grid, so I think the numbers are close to each other on the wheel.

So it’s not so much the mat numbers outs linked it’s to the wheel. So that’s a good system and thanks for watching and we’ll be back with many more videos.

Pot Limit Badugi Strategy

Optimizing your PL Badugi strategy requires a thorough understanding of the Pot Limit betting structure. You need to be good at determining the size of the pot under all circumstances, and you need to be able to shoot out a pot-size bet within seconds if required. If you play online, the computer will do the calculus for you though, and it will set the maximum amount you can bet for you, so that should make it much easier. Make sure you do know the rules involved in the PL betting structure because otherwise not only will you not understand why you can bet as much as you can, you’ll fail to foresee the consequences of your actions too.

In theory, Pot Limit betting should be somewhere between NL and FL and it is. The only problem is, it’s not in the middle of the spectrum, rather it’s much closer to the NL structure.

In order to understand the PL structure, you need to be the master of both the NL and the FL variants. FL poker is a mathematical odds-based game, while NL poker is based on the implied odds. It‘s easy to see why that’s the case. Here’s an example to make you understand just where PL stands on the scale between FL and NL.

Suppose four players go to the third street of a FL poker game. With only one of them doing the betting and the other 3 guys calling all along, the pot odds on a 3rd street bet will be 5-1. This is not bad at all, though if a raise or two are dropped along the way, the pot odds can climb as high as 10-1and that’s nothing short of excellent. This is why it’s so tough to force a player to fold in FL.

Pot control becomes one of the most important strategy elements in PL Badugi. What you need to understand is that a very small early move on your part can have a humongous fallout later in the hand. Very small bets fired out early on can change the entire balance of the hand. If you check on one betting round, you’ll dramatically limit the amount of money your opponent can shove into the pot, and thus you can control his ability to influence the pot odds. If you decide to bet, you give up control and you give your opponent the means to deliver a much bigger bet.

Baseball Betting Tips

The best baseball teams lose at least sixty games a year and the worst teams win close to that same number. The rest of the league falls somewhere in between. Consider that the more favorites you bet, the higher the percentage of wins you’ll need to break even. For example, if your average bet is a –150 favorite you’ll need to hit 60% winners just to break even. At –170, that number increases to 63% and so on.

Now consider the opposite. If your average bet is a +120 underdog, your break-even percentage drops to approximately 45.5%. At +140, its down to just over 42% and the higher you go the lower the breakeven percentage. Keeping in mind that even the poorest baseball teams seldom win fewer than 37% of their games, it is apparent that looking for opportunities to bet on underdogs is essential to profitable baseball wagering.

set a limit for betting on favorites

While most successful baseball bettors look to play underdogs first, favorites can frequently present good value as well. Often times, one will find a top team playing on the road as a minor favorite or other situations will present themselves where small favorites are a good play. To bet baseball successfully, you should implement a strict limit on how much you’ll lay on a favorite, say -150 or lower. Once you establish your “cut off” for wagering favorites, never wager more than that, regardless of the circumstance or situation.

don’t place too much stock in starting pitchers

Too many sports handicappers place too much emphasis on the starting pitcher. It’s understandable, of course, since the bookmakers list the starting pitcher when setting the line for each game. If you pay any attention to baseball, however, you’ll know that the quality of starting pitching has reached a state of equality, if not mediocrity. Sure, there’s a small number of elite pitchers, but all others are a cut below these few. And since you’ll never get these guys anywhere near your favorite cut off point, don’t worry about them.

It’s an obvious fact that baseball is a game of streaks, and nowhere is this more evident than in pitching. If a starter is demonstrating particularly good or particularly bad recent form, it might not be compensated for in the line and there may be value in playing on (or against) the starter in question. Overall, however, starting pitching receives way too much emphasis when evaluating baseball from a wagering standpoint.

understand that baseball is a game of streaks

This is no secret, of course, but it is something to be aware of when betting on baseball. No matter what else you find relevant about a game, you should think twice about betting against a team that has won three or more games in a row or on a team that has lost three or more games in a row. This may sound superstitious, but it’s a valuable rule to follow. You’ll always be better off in the long run by not going against a winning or losing streak the majority of the time.

home field advantage just doesn’t matter

Of all major sports, there may be less advantage to playing at home in baseball than in any other. This is especially true during the long regular season. Granted there are teams that do better in certain ballparks than others, but this is more a function of the design of the ballpark and the personnel of the team than any home field advantage. Some parks are clearly “pitcher’s parks” or “hitter’s parks”, but it works both ways – the opposing pitchers and hitters often have the same advantage or disadvantage as the home team’s players. Furthermore, bad teams are frequently overvalued at home, which results in good value on the visitor. Over the course of season, most teams will probably do better at home than on the road but the higher prices you’ll have to pay will negate this fact. More often than not, “home field advantage” shouldn’t be a consideration in handicapping a game.

In baseball, each game’s odds are heavily influenced by the starting pitchers.

When betting on a game, you can choose to bet team against team in the match-up regardless of the starting pitcher or you can choose to specify one or both of the scheduled starting pitchers. Betting team against team in called “action” and that means your bet will stand regardless of who starts the game pitching. If you want to specify pitchers to start you would be betting “listed” pitchers. This means that if the scheduled pitcher to start the game does not start your bet is void. Because of the influence of pitching on a game many people will use this option. For example, Roger Clemens is scheduled to start against the Florida Marlins who have a terrible record hitting off him. You want to bet on the Yankees to win the game because you know Clemens will shut them down. You would then want to bet on the Yankees with Clemens as “listed”. That way if for some reason Clemens doesn’t start your bet would be void. On the other hand, if you think the Marlins are so bad that they can’t win regardless of who starts the game pitching, then you would want to bet on the Yankees and have the pitchers “action”. You bet then not be good even if there is a change of starting pitchers.

Baseball Betting Basics

Bet Online Baseball

When you bet on baseball online, start with the basic question: What determines the betting line? It helps to collect more information about the pitching. Baseball gambling outcomes depend nearly 80 % on pitching and 20 % on batting. Placing unnecessary emphasis on hitting can mislead you when you place your online baseball bet. Pitching analysis is a consistent and reliable guide to baseball sports betting.

Another aspect to baseball wagering online is to study the betting line. The makers of the betting line would have taken into account the starting pitchers. You would do well to analyze the situation before you place your bet.

Betting on baseball differs from football and basketball betting since the points scored here are lesser and this makes the point spread wager impractical. Starting pitchers are sometimes used to post the online betting odds. Baseball gambling online is conducted through online sports books. The sports book lists the teams along with their betting lines and odds. Online sports books adjust the baseball lines so as to balance between both teams. Betting enthusiasts can shop for the best baseball odds and study various betting lines before placing a bet online. Computer programs are used to predict and analyze betting odds and to weigh the various factors. Bettors have to study news services and daily publications to make an informed choice in baseball gambling online. It is up to an astute bettor to sieve through all the crucial factors and choose a winner.

Online Baseball Gambling

With the large amount of statistical data available on baseball, it is little wonder that online baseball gambling is such a popular hobby. The long tournament schedule also provides unparalleled online gambling opportunities. The money odds available online are used for online baseball gambling. Most bettors who are interested in placing an online baseball betting seem to be influenced by the starting pitchers. Baseball gambling on World Series Champions is possible throughout the season. An online sportsbook offers opportunities to place a baseball bet. The odds are displayed online and different types of bets are possible. Get your strategy in place before you place an online baseball wager.

MLB Betting Online

Baseball – The all-American pastime, centers on outscoring your opponents by having more base runners come across the final of four bases, called home plate. A typical baseball game lasts 9 innings unless there is a tie. Much of the baseball action focuses on the action between two players – the pitchers and the batter. This game that has its roots in the mid -19th century has truly become one of the favorite games in the U.S. Keep in mind the rules for MLB betting:

· MLB games are official after 5 innings of play or 4.5 innings if the home team is leading.
· If the MLB betting or wagering is on total runs MLB line, the game must go through the regulation 9 innings or 8.5 in case the home team is leading.
· When the MLB betting is done on ‘Listed Pitchers’, a change in pitching constitutes a ‘No Action’ wager and the MLB betting money is refunded.

If you are engaging in MLB betting for the series, the 3 games must be completed by the end of a specified date for the MLB bet to have action.


When you are placing a MLB bet on sides – and if you are betting the favorite, you are laying the odds. An MLB bet picks the odds when it is placed on the underdog. Described below are the popular MLB bet types:

Action Bet: This type of MLB bet is not dependent on the listed pitchers starting the game.
Both Pitchers: This type of MLB bet is considered action if both pitchers start the game.
Your Pitcher: This type of MLB bet is considered action only if your chosen pitcher starts the game.
Opponents Pitcher: Only when the other teams’ pitcher starts the game, such an MLB bet is considered an action wager.
MLB betting also has the Parlay factor limited to a specific payout. Typical MLB betting parlay odds:

3 teams – 6/1
4 teams – 12/1
5 Team = 24/1
6 Team = 44/1
7 Team = 65/1
8 Team = 100/1